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This course will help you to pass the RBT® exam. Use the study guide as a reference tool and take notes. View and take notes on the video review of our Exam #1. Then, take exam #1 by yourself with the question order and answers reordered. Review the explanations, as these will help you understand not only the content, but how the test is likely to ask you to demonstrate your knowledge. Finally, take the timed exam #2 and see if you're ready! Shoot for a 70% or above. Money-back guaranteed. 180-day access. Contact us with any questions: info@behavioranalystsupervisor.com

Here's how the guarantee works: If you finish this course and don't pass on your next RBT® exam attempt, you choose: 1) Send your score report to us within 10 days of your result, and get a full refund (minus about 3% transaction fees), OR 2) Continue access to your materials and we'll meet with you by Zoom for a tutoring session to help you pass the next time. It's up to you.

Kevin Van Laeken

Kevin is a board certified behavior analyst and former school psychologist who loves helping everyone understand human behavior better.

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  • Traversal rule : Lectures must all be seen and completed sequentially
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