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This series of videos (about 14 hours), goes through the task list and ethical code. With scenarios and examples, we show you what you need to know and how you'll need to demonstrate it on the BCaBA® or BCBA® exam. The video must be completed in order the first time, and you may want to review some or all sections more than once. Please let us know what questions you may have and we'll do our best to clarify. Thanks.

Course Content

Chapter 1 :   Before we start

Chapter 2 :   Section A: Measurement

Chapter 3 :   Section B: Experimental Design

Chapter 4 :   Section C: Behavior Change Considerations

Chapter 5 :   Section D: Fundamental Elements of Behavior Change

Chapter 6 :   Section E

Chapter 7 :   Section F

Chapter 8 :   Section G

Chapter 9 :   Section H

Chapter 10 :   Section I

Chapter 11 :   Section J

Chapter 12 :   Section K

Chapter 13 :   Bonus Questions

Chapter 14 :   Ethics

About Instructor

Kevin is a BCBA and former school psychologist and special education administrator. Amy is also a BCBA and former educator. BAS is dedicated to helping you learn the concepts that you'll need - straight from the task list and ethical code. Our passion is helping you pass!

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