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Course Content

Chapter 1:   Information

Chapter 2:   Study guide download

Chapter 3:   Audio mock download

Chapter 4:   Video Training

Chapter 5:   Mini Mocks (25-question quizzes by section)

Chapter 6:   Exam #1

Chapter 7:   Exam #1, Timed

Chapter 8:   Exam #2

Chapter 9:   Exam #2, Timed

Chapter 10:   Exam #3

Chapter 11:   Exam #3, Timed

Chapter 12:   Exam #4

Chapter 13:   Exam #4, Timed

Chapter 14:   Webinar Recordings

About Instructor

Kevin is a BCBA and former school psychologist. Amy is a BCBA and educator. Their passion is for helping future and current certificants simplify concepts into everyday language and practice.

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